Day 3 appreciation

The baskets were among the finest I’ve seen and I want to thank all the generous donations.  This is where the money is made.  Thank you to everyone. If I missed you please contact me.

Hilton Hotels

Great Wolf Lodge

Dana Tusia

Briana Dyment and Beth Dyment

Andrea Allen

Tammy Prentiss

Kate Lowrie

Shauna Sarsfield

Patrick Porier

Laurie Crawford

Steph Boudreau

Christy and Dave Aronson

Cindy Beaudoin and Carol Allain

Patty Powers and Pauline Cormier

Joey Stelluto

Tiffany Boccia

Ryan Consalvo

Cristina DeOlivera

Joan Chapman and Victoria Chapman

David and Joan Lorden

Doug Croteau and Missy Boudreau

Jen Carson and Jim Clark

Wyman Liquors

Longhorn Steakhouse

Joe and Maura Porter





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