Let’s Celebrate Richie!

Fill not your heart with pain and sorrow, but remember me in every tomorrow. Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles, I’ve only gone to rest a little while.although my leaving causes pain and grief, my going has eased my hurt and given me relief. So dry your eyes and remember me not as I am now, but as I use to be. Because I will remember you all and look on with a smile, understand, in your hearts, I’ve only gone to rest a little while.  As long as I have the love of each of you, I can live my life in the hearts of all of you.

I urge you all to come join us at the golf tournament on July 30th. We will celebrate Richie.

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7th annual Porter Family Memorial Golf Tournament

The 7th annual Porter Family Memorial Golf tournament was held on June 29, 2016 at Bay Point golf course in Onset, MA..  Rick, Jonathan, and Nate won the tournament with a little help from above shooting -12.  Maura is Richie’s Bentley golf coach Mickey’s best friend as well as the team ‘Mom’.  Joe and Maura are also two of Richie’s biggest fans! Proceeds from the tournament went to Dana Farber in Richie Powers name.  Thank you to all this years participants. porter family golf

#Red Strong

A big thank you to the RedStrong softball team for honoring Richie every time they play. This softball team meant so much to him.  It allowed him to be “normal” when he played. It allowed him to be with his buddies which was always important to him.  Playing allowed him to compete, something he so very much loved. He played all the time despite how he felt.  I can see him shaking his head in modesty smiling at me when I brag about the homerun he hit, or the fact that he seemed to always get on base.  He NEVER gave up.  In their last game, he didn’t get out of bed all day but somehow went to the game to support and maybe get a chance to pinch hit.  They struggled hitting that game, but started to rally in the last inning.  Richie came in to pinch hit and drove in two runs.  In that moment tears filled up in my eyes.  I was so incredibly proud and simply amazed.  ‘Young Money’ fell short that night, but they remember and are determined to win it this year as #RedStrong.  They are wearing black arm bands that say 9 RED.  Good luck this season- may you have ‘Angels In The Outfield’ :)

Scholarship Winners

Ryan Potvin and Ed Cuddahy were the recipients of the 1st annual Richie Powers scholarships.  They each received $2000.00. The ceremony took place at Leominster high school on Thursday, June 2nd.  Ryan will be attending Worcester State in the fall, majoring in criminal justice and hopes to continue his golf career playing for the Lancers.  Ed will be attending Sacred Heart University and playing football. In addition to strong character in the community, good grades, and a varsity sport athlete, these two fine young men had to write a short essay on their “Never give up moment.”  Although we received many applications these two young men really caught our eyes.  The Powers family wish these two well in their next adventure in life. Good luck to all the graduates. Do something today and everyday that matters!!

Leominster’s ‘Power Source’: Coming through for the Powers’

Love that SMILE!

Love that SMILE!

IMG_7409 IMG_7405

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Power Source Training Center for their support.  They graciously hosted a day full of ‘soccer tennis’ fun that raised over 700$ for the RedStrong Foundation.  On April 22nd, Jim Herrick and his students gathered for a fantastic Friday of tournament play with Athens Pizza and classic sports movies. One of Richie’s all time favorites—Happy Gilmore.  One of the things on Richie’s list was that James continues to train at Power Source, exemplifying their mindset, mission, and core values. To anyone who contradicted his wishes: Richie would simply say, “Now you’re gonna get it Bobby”.  :) Also a story of kindness worth sharing: At this event there was a 50/50 raffle.  The winners: A Mom and a Dad and two sweet girls who all took a vote, and decided to donate the money to the cause.  So THANK YOU to Power Source Training Center for creating a community of great people who genuinely enjoy helping others achieve!  We cannot say how grateful we are to have such an amazing community behind us! GO POWER SOURCE!