Appreciation Day 2

A big Thank you to all the individuals who helped out to make the 2017 golf tournament a huge success. It certainly takes a village to pull this off.

Tiffany Boccia

Sarah Henry

Victoria Chapman

Sarah Corliss

Briana Dyment/Veneziano

Stephanie Gannon

Adrianne Fratturelli

Jessica Merchant

Jen Leonard

Erica Charbonneau

Michelle Carbonneau

Shauna Sarsfield

Sue Krikorian  (photographer)

Jill Powers

Jen Carson/Clark (Richie’s 3rd grade teacher)

Beth Foley  (cupcake queen)

Terry Wilson/Woods

Kim Dee

Cory Gendron

Donna and Chappy Lorden

Steve Lanza

Bob Creed

Gail Creed




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